Jim, Peter, Anne, and George smashed their fundraising target and raised over £1000 for Teapot Trust's support services! They managed 132 successful attempts, which is quite a feat for such a difficult challenge. See what Anne had to say about her fundraiser below:

Thank you

A big thank you to all who donated to our campaign. We were successful in chipping into the very very small bucket 132 times. We failed to meet the  expectations of the majority of our donors. Sorry it was hard! Two golfers gauged our challenge correctly and won the right to claim their prize. We are delighted that when approached, they donated the costs back to Teapot Trust funds. Thank you for your generosity.

The Challenge

I have been the Chair of Trustees for Teapot Trust for 3 years and know there are more hospitals and communities that want Art Therapy services for children and families who need to feel good about their long term medical conditions. Positive experience of coping with their circumstances reduces the fear and anxiety they feel which in turn reduces the negative anxiety their parents have. Reading the stories from children about what a difference their Art Therapy sessions have made to them makes us even more determined to raise the necessary funds. Online sessions need to continue. 

Inspired by the We Will Walk 500 Miles fundraiser for the Be a Champion for Children in Crisis Campaign, my family and I decided to help by taking on our own challenge. We will try to chip 500 golf balls into a bucket by the 24th August, but we don’t know how many times we will be successful. When you donate, please give an estimated number of successful chips in the comment section, and be kind! Jim can be sensitive! The person who is closest to our total number of successes will get a free golf lesson or clothing voucher, so you don’t need to be a golfer to donate.

Please donate what you can to help. Thank you.

PS -  We've called in support from George to help us reach our target!

Spread the Word

Did you donate to the Littlefair Family Golf Challenge? You can help us reach more people by proudly displaying your wonderful support on your social channels, email signature, office wall, or even in your window at home. By sharing your badge, you are helping show how we can all make a difference by being a champion for children and families in crisis.

You can download more sharable graphics here. Thank you!

Anne Littlefair