My name is Jamie. I am 43! I am a wife. A mother of our two gorgeous boys, aged 12 and 9. I am a woman who wears many hats like most mums. And I am a woman who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was in my mid-30s. I don't like saying that last part out loud as for the longest time I was in denial and saying it out loud made it all the more real. I also hated admitting that there was something wrong with me. But there definitely was - physically. Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term autoimmune disorder that affects the joints. And to give you some context, ten years ago, after the birth of our second son, my knee joints, elbows, wrists and fingers were swollen and sore. It felt like my body had aged 50 years in a matter of months. It was agony just getting out of bed or off the floor after playing with my kids.

Anyhow, that is in the past, and I have made my peace with it. I have also got my health back with the help of modern medicine and as a result, recently got back into running (as I'm sure some of you can relate that during the Covid-19 lockdowns, I enjoyed a little bit too much food) and needed to shed a few pounds! So I am happy to say that at the age of 43, I am the healthiest and fittest I've ever been and am ready to pound the pavement in a few months time.

So this takes me back to the reason why I'm running my first ever half-marathon. I am running the 13 miles as yes, I must be a little bit bonkers but I need to get this out my system. I need to prove to myself I can do it. So I would like to dedicate this run to all the people out there who think they are past their best (as I once did), to all the tired mums and dads out there and to all adults out there with chronic conditions. Don't let anyone (especially yourself) tell you that you can't do something! But let's not forget, I am doing this for my children and my children's children AND all the children who may be unlucky and be given a diagnosis of a chronic condition. So please, if you are in a position to support me and the Teapot Trust, you can do so in a number of ways.

Please spread the word, either the old fashion way, by word of mouth or via social media about the great work the Teapot Trust do. Go visit their website and learn more about the Teapot Trust @ Or if you feel so inclined and wish to donate a pound or two, I would be most eternally grateful.

Much love to you all and see you at the finish line,



Jamie successfully completed her half-marathon in May 2022 and did a fantastic job fundraising for Teapot Trust's art therapy services, raising over £1,000. Well done, Jamie! Incredible work!


Jamie Turner