Hi, my name is Carrie and I'm running the Scottish Half Marathon this September to support the work of the Teapot Trust. 

I started working at the charity at the start of the year and have seen how life-changing the support they provide can be for children and young people living with chronic conditions.

The impact of living with a long-term health condition can result in feelings of isolation, anxiety and even trauma for a child. The frequent visits to hospitals, for tests and procedures, can cause stress combined with frequent time off school and missed social activities can leave them feeling isolated.

Art therapy can be life changing. Our amazing art therapists support children to understand the difficult emotions they are feeling and help them come to terms with their condition and treatment regimes by building coping strategies.

That's why I would be so grateful if you could donate to my fundraiser for the Teapot Trust and cheer me on to the finish line.

Carrie Cowley