"I am an HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist, BAAT approved Private Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor. I studied my MA at Goldsmith University 2003-2006 and was awarded the CBMT scholarship which led me to work in palliative care and bereavement for 9 years. Currently I work for the Teapot trust, a trauma informed pupil referral school and Chroma post adoption where I also completed a Neurological Music Therapy training in 2017.

I’ve worked with the Teapot trust at GOSH since May 2015 and I especially appreciate their innovative Art Therapy model, that is committed to diversity and inclusion of research following the needs of the patients, staffs and the medical pediatrics environment.

My interest in Art Therapy has always existed, I just didn’t know it until I found it to be my vocation."

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