Growing up I loved art, and was always fascinated by the way people engaged in both the process and the outcome. But never did I think that art therapy existed as a profession in its own right - it seems so obvious now! After studying art at Dundee University, followed by a short spell in TV post-production, I completed my art therapy training in 2012 at Queen Margaret University, and then went on to do a Diploma in Working with Children in Art Therapy in 2018.

I've been working with the Teapot Trust since 2013, starting in the Edinburgh Out Patient’s open group, where we support children and their families waiting for hospital appointments. I now work with the Edinburgh Paediatric Psychology and Liaison Service (PPALS team), providing one to one art therapy for children and young people significantly impacted by long-term rheumatological conditions.

It is such a privilege to work alongside incredible patients and their families, and to see the benefits art therapy has brought. Using art and reflection they've been able to process and make sense of their experiences, and begun to understand their relationship with their conditions. Art therapy is humbling, challenging and extremely rewarding work, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.