Art has significant power to heal.

Children and young people living with adverse mental health as a result of ‘invisible’ but debilitating chronic conditions are having their lives transformed by Teapot Trust’s art therapy services.

92% say our non-invasive art therapy and creative interventions help them to cope, feel better, and overcome suicidal thoughts.

Our services are under threat as the charity’s finances are stretched, in a harsh financial climate with no Government or NHS funding.

We MUST secure £36,000 a month until the end of the year or we will not be able to help children and families in the same way.

We must continue our support, so we are calling on the community to take action by being kind, digging deep, acting fast, and telling others.

Become a doART Hero by DONATING today or making a regular commitment to help ensure we can continue to support children and families by conquering the obstacles we face.

Thank you. 💚