With 23 programmes throughout the UK and counting, funding our art therapy services is becoming increasingly important. Based on feedback from our services, we know how big of a difference art therapy makes in the lives of children, families, and young people facing chronic conditions. We want to continue this service, but we need your help to do so.

Teapot Trust is excited to be launching our new development fund, the doART fund. This fund is meant to futureproof our services to  ensure that we will be able to continue helping families through art therapy. As more and more people understand the benefits of art therapy, we expect that our services will become even more in demand. We want to ensure that we continue to fill the gap in care for our service users while also making our valuable service accessible to even more children with chronic conditions.

Community support is extremely important to our continuation as a charity, and by supporting this fund, you will be helping us reach an audience who could really benefit from our support. Help us bring creative coping mechanisms to chronically ill children and their families by contributing to the doART fund. Thank you.

 Learn more about our doART fund here or donate:

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