Significant cost savings were made in both 2020 and 2019 to ensure Teapot Trust is lean and efficient. 

Expenditure continues to follow a downward trajectory. 

  • By no longer running Open Groups in hospital settings (the health and safety risks are too great in the pandemic) and delivering art therapy online we have reduced art therapy delivery costs. 
  • Staff costs (distinct from sessional art therapists) are now at a five-year low. They represent less than 70% of core revenue costs which funders sell us is the sector norm. 
  • When we had the opportunity of a lease break in October 2020, we downsized our office to a modest base giving our 5 staff the option to work more flexibly – reducing annual rent and associated costs by almost two-thirds. The move was done entirely by volunteers with no costs incurred.  
  • In summer 2020, we outsourced our Finance for greater efficiency. This brought added value in terms of analytical insights that are aiding financial planning and control. 
  • Significant savings were made in 2019 by concluding successful partnerships with three hospitals that had achieved their aims. Having embedded art therapy there and passed the baton to the hospitals to continue the work in house, we can use resources elsewhere for wider benefit.
  • We have also re-negotiated our contracts with some other hospitals which means they too will be fully funding the work over a period of three years. 
  • A major service review of our work in partnership with two hospitals (Edinburgh and Glasgow) concluded successfully in 2019, proving the impact of art therapy as an effective psychological tool. The costs of two promoted posts were saved when the work concluded.
  • We also ended short term contract work with two part-time contractors focused on research and fundraising support. 
For more financial insights, with five-year trends and graphs, please see our Annual Review page. 
As at the end of September 2020 (the mid-point of the current financial year) for every £1 invested in fundraising (including salary costs), Teapot Trust is raising £6.68.