BSPAR Conference, Southampton, September 2018
Teapot Trust Researcher Kristin Leith attended the BSPAR Conference Research Day

Voluntary Health Scotland Conference, Edinburgh, November 2018
Kirsty Edwards, Art Therapy Projects Coordinator at Teapot Trust, presented a poster.

BAAT Art Therapy International Conference, London, July 2019
Kristin Leith, Teapot Trust Researcher, presented at the BAAT Art Therapy International Conference about Teapot Trust's open group art therapy model, working with children and young people with chronic conditions in hospitals.

European Congress of Rheumatology, Madrid, June 2019
Art therapists Dr Patricia Watts and Emily Farrugia presented a poster displaying the results of Teapot Trust's service review.

BSPAR Conference, Birmingham, October 2019
Dr Patricia Watts presented a poster on a case study of a patient that was supported through art therapy, with clinician Dr Walsh.


The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, July-December 2018
The front covers of The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health July to December 2018 featured artworks by six of the young artists who use our art therapy service in hospitals nationwide.


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