As relayed by a Teapot Trust art therapist:

A is an 8-year-old boy who has been attending art therapy since 2014. He attends appointments every other week and is always keen to come and work at the art table.  Last week he was unwell and had been given a room to stay in. I took the materials into his room and found him lying face down on the bed unable to open his eyes. He heard me talking to Mum and immediately said “Hello I’ve been waiting for you, what have you brought?”

I was able to provide materials that he could use whilst lying down and did not need to look at. In particular the clay was used and just rolling it in his hands proved to be relaxing.  Whilst working with A it gave Mum time to talk to the medical staff and also to telephone her husband to discuss what treatment was going to be needed for A.

This week when I arrived with the art trolley A was again waiting for me. He was very eager to start working and said “Hurry up I’ve only got ten minutes and then I am going to theatre." He spent every minute creating up until it was time for him to go and he proudly took his art work with him.