Trustees have a duty to report annually how the charity’s responsibilities have been met. Teapot Trust’s Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 31 March 2020 are available to download here. A less formal, designed Annual Review, highlighting key achievements over the past year, will follow soon.

Below are quotes taken from the Annual Report to give a flavour of its content.

“We want the charity to become a leader in public health, care and wellbeing – working strategically with partner hospitals and in communities…”

“…NHS Lothian applauds our intention to work in community settings which will help alleviate pressure on CAMHS teams (Children and Adolescent Mental Health).”

“As a result of our work at The National Children’s Psychiatric Inpatient Unit we were invited to deliver an Art Therapy service for another specialist mental health facility.”

“This research could be game-changing, enabling Teapot Trust to be included on a matrix of approved providers of psychological services which are publicly funded.”

“Being agile and able to re-imagine and re-act decisively means Teapot Trust is well placed for what may lie ahead in our changing world.”

“Teapot Trust’s 16 professional art therapists provided 4,699 hours of art therapy”

“Our small but purposeful core team has worked together inter-dependently through a year of unprecedented change and challenge.”

“We are enormously grateful for all donations received.”