“AW has been attending 1 to 1 sessions for a few months. She says she looks forward to coming as it is a moment in her week when she can feel happy, enjoying the quiet time out to think about her life and her feelings.

Increasingly, she chooses to make art together as a joint effort. Connecting together through art is helping her conversation flow about her thoughts and feelings. It seems important for AW that we are working alongside each other and sharing the experience together, both in her art making but also in how she is feeling. This image and session was spent with us both covering our hands in paint and pastel to make the handprints; my input was led by the young person, which allowed a playful feel to the session. Our conversations during her sessions reveal some of the struggles that AW is facing and trying to understand about her illness, her friendships, and her relationships. She has also been exploring who she is and what sort of person she wants to grow into.”      

- Teapot Trust art therapist