Role Description

Teapot Trust are seeking to recruit the role of an Inhouse Clinical Supervisor.

We are looking for someone to take on this exciting new role to support safe and best practice of our art therapy team. The hours will vary monthly based on the needs of the charity. Each Teapot Trust Art Therapist providing 1:1 art therapy will receive approx. 1 hour of Clinical Supervision per month (dependent on their caseload the frequency and duration will be agreed with the Art Therapy Project Manager at the beginning of the contract). There will be a direct line of reporting to the Art Therapy Projects Manager, who you will be expected to provide with updates and to make aware of any concerns or issues highlighted within the supervision sessions.

Child protection, confidentiality and safe practice are the key priorities of this role. Priority will always be the protection and welfare of children and vulnerable adults andwill always override confidentiality.

Responsibilities include:

  • Gaining an understanding of the Supervisee’s workload and help resolve any issues this may be causing (may be in collaboration with Art Therapy Project Manager)
  • To bring concerns/issues about Supervisee’s work to the supervision sessions and escalate to the Art Therapy Projects Manager as necessary
  • To give Supervisee constructive feedback on their work performance.
  • To initiate supportive/corrective action as required
  • Reporting all child protection concerns to Art Therapy Project Manager as the Designated Child Protection Officer
  • Upholding BAAT and HCPC regulations
  • Maintaining line between supervision and therapy
  • Reporting back to the Art Therapy Projects Manager


  • Must have a qualification in Art Therapy Supervision
  • A qualified and BAAT registered art therapist with experience in working with children and in working in a medical environment
  • A working knowledge in latest Child Protection,HCPCandBAAT policies and legislation

To apply, please send a cover letter to [email protected]-trust.orgdetailing your relevant experience and why you think you are suited to this role, plus your CV. Deadline for applications is Monday 7th October 2019.

Salary on application.