Community Fundraising Group Member - Role Description


Community Fundraising Group Member


Across the UK

Time Commitment

Flexible. Ideally your group would hold at least 3 events per year for the Teapot Trust.

Contact Person

Community Fundraiser

Role Description

This role involves working as a team member to coordinate fundraising events and opportunities to raise funds and awareness for the Teapot Trust. If there are no fundraising groups in your area, we can provide information about how to start your own group.


  • Following membership guidelines for your group and attending group meetings
  • Contributing to the group's event planning and awareness raising efforts
  • Disseminating promotional materials
  • Distributing collection cans or buckets in your community or at your events
  • Helping recruit new members to join your team
  • Have fun while supporting a great cause

Person Specifications

  • Team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Interested in meeting new people
  • Happy to be part of a likeminded team
  • Interested in becoming a part of the Teapot family

Training and Support

We will provide materials you will need including collection cans and buckets, promotional materials, and background information to familiarise you with the Teapot Trust's mission. We can also provide a fundraising pack which outlines more detailed information on the logistics of running fundraising events. Inspiration for the events, safety information, and further details are provided in the pack. We are available and happy to provide any additional support or information as needed.

Additional Information






All funds should be deposited within 2 weeks of collection. No expenses should be deducted from the donations without preapproval and a receipt for the Teapot Trust. A volunteer registration form and fundraising agreement must be completed before you fundraise on our behalf. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.