Aged 11

County Durham

Tell us a little bit about yourself


I’m Ava and I am 11 years old, I have Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and was diagnosed just after my first birthday so I have never known any different. I enjoy ice skating, climbing, art and puzzles. My favourite food is sushi. I am also interested in the environment. 


What is it like living with a chronic condition? 


It’s really hard sometimes as it stops me from doing stuff, I struggle with everyday tasks and that worries me and makes me feel sad. I always find winter hard and sometimes others don’t understand.


What needs to change to support young people?


People need to be more aware of the challenges and pain of living with arthritis and that children also suffer from this


How has Teapot Trust supported you?


I have met others living with a chronic condition and it has really helped me to know I am not alone, I used to have an art therapy class on a Wednesday and looked forward to it  as I was able to talk to others who understand what I go through. Some weeks I would log onto the class feeling low and would always come away feeling happier. 


What would you say to anyone who is considering art therapy? 


I would urge them to do it as it really helps you to feel less alone and brightens up your day!