Art Group Lead Volunteer - Role Description


Art Group Lead


Across the UK

Time Commitment

Flexible. Dependent on you and your class/group's schedules. Ideally your programme would occur at least once a month.

Contact Person

Community Fundraiser

Role Description

This is a flexible role and is easily adaptable to different interests and involvement levels. It entails leading self-directed art programmes of your choice as a fundraising and awareness initiative for the Teapot Trust. Please note, this would be a programme developed completely by you to correlate with your interests or skills. It involves running an artistic session, charging admission or a fee for participation, and donating proceeds to the Trust. Groups can include knitting, crafting, painting, sculpting, crocheting, journaling, etc. and could involve a weekly meeting for you and your friends or community members. Workshops or 'crafting parties' are also options if you are looking for less of a commitment but are still interested in raising funds for us. Art therapy or relaxation techniques can be incorporated into your sessions if you so choose. Learn more about professional art therapy here.


Tasks vary depending on your group, but are likely to include:

  • Organising a programme by deciding who you want to involve, where you will hold your programme, what you will be doing, and when you will meet
  • Obtaining necessary permissions for your programme or workshop
  • Developing membership guidelines
  • Promoting your group through social media, word of mouth, or physical promotions such as flyers or leaflets
  • Describing where donations will be going and the mission of the Teapot Trust

Person Specifications

  • Self-starter and capable of taking initiative
  • Good organisational skills
  • Interested in meeting new people and socialising through art
  • Willing to take on a larger project and see it through
  • Motivated to help a great cause

Training and Support

We will provide any information you may need to promote the Teapot Trust and explain how art therapy helps our service members manage chronic conditions. We are available and happy to provide any additional support or information when needed.

Additional Information

A fundraising agreement and volunteer registration form must be completed before you begin your volunteering journey.