The importance of art in promoting overall healthy wellbeing is becoming increasingly recognised. To highlight how important art can be in expressing emotions and developing coping mechanisms, we've partnered with Versus Arthritis to deliver an exciting exhibition of artwork. Entitled, "Facing Arthritis", it explores the way children see faces through an artistic lens. 

We've collected Teapot Trust artwork that has a face, and asked the children to give a title to their artwork and describe how they felt or what they were thinking when they created their art piece. Versus Arthritis will also be displaying the artwork created in their Joint Creativity workshops. 

This exhibition will be running for the week from the 4th November to the 11th November. Interactive activities will take place throughout the exhibit, so be sure to stop by and see the power of art in the exploration between art and wellbeing. For more information, keep an eye on our social media channels and look out for updates on our website. 

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