Teapot Trust Goes International!

Founder and CEO of Teapot Trust Dr Laura N Young MBE has met with Joanne Somerville, an Associate Professor/Medical Educator and Discipline Coordinator Division of Paediatrics and Child Health. Together they visited the charity’s art therapy service at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh. Joanne travelled from the University of Western Australia, Perth to discuss a potential collaboration.

Teapot Trust is a UK charity providing a nationwide programme of art therapy and creative interventions for chronically ill children in hospitals. Since being founded in 2010 by Laura and John Young, Teapot Trust has a team of professional art therapists working across Scotland and England, and is appreciated by children and clinicians alike.

In almost eight years Teapot Trust has gone from a small Scottish charity to now branching out across the UK, with this visit highlighting potential growth internationally. Joanne’s work links with Perth Children’s Hospital, which sees approximately 250,00 inpatient and outpatient visits each year. Joanne is interested in the development of a Teapot Trust art therapy project for the new hospital, as well as exploring research in this area.

Speaking about the first step in this collaboration, Laura said “I am delighted to have this amazing international visitor and hear about her work with children and young people. Joanne’s interest in our work is a huge compliment to Teapot Trust and it is great to begin sharing ideas”.

After her visit, Joanne said “It was an absolute pleasure to meet Laura and her team during my visit to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. It was inspiring to see first-hand the amazing work Teapot Trust is doing to reduce stress and anxiety in chronically ill children and their families requiring hospital care. It was great to be able to explore some ideas for research into the benefits of art therapy and explore the prospect of a collaboration with Teapot Trust to bring art therapy to the children of Western Australia”.

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